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The big question in all those who aspire to start a regular work out at the gym

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Fitness Regime – What Happens When You Break It For A Long Time?


The big question in all those who aspire to start a regular work out at the gym is –“What happens when you take a long break or stop working out?” May it be a long holiday while you want to travel or some busy times at work or want to focus on family; if you are out of the gym for more than 2 weeks then your body is sure to take its toll. It is not just your physical body, but your brain and sleep also get affected. This article is to discuss when and where the damage occurs when you take a break from the gym.


The reduction –


As mentioned by a lot of expert fitness coaches, your body’s overall performance level reduces naturally when you stop working out for 14 days or more. The human body is a like a machine, a sensitive one though. The changes that happen to the muscle strength through vigorous training is sure to vanish if the strain you are applying stops. Since there is no strain, the muscles have nothing to cope with and start slipping back to normal or to where it was before you started going to the gym which can be considered as the baseline on The speed at which the deterioration occurs is dependent on many criteria like your fitness level, age and the time you would spend to sweat out. It is very important for you to understand what process is happening under your skin after 2 weeks of keeping yourself away from the gym. Overloaded rest should motivate you to get back on the treadmill within 14 days.


The Changes


Not all changes that occur during a 2-week break are visible physically but one scan expects a considerable change in the size of your muscles and can see fat accumulating. Isn’t that weird? Isn’t all your precious time spent at the gym going waste? Making some changes to your diet, you can avoid gaining a few pounds. You can also witness a reduction in your level of performance in terms of endurance, overall speed and strength decrease by up to 30% within a span of a couple of weeks.Muscle mass, bone density, capillary size, flexibility and overall blood flow as well as energy production are decreased. In short, you will start to feel like a couch potato. Due to underuse, your muscle can't fire the way it used to other than size and strength loss. What actually happens is that the storage capacity of the muscle fibers shrinks which leads to atrophy medically termed as disuse atrophy. This means you are not using the muscles as much as you used to previously. The stroke volume, the mitochondria size, the percentage of oxygen output reduce which in turn increases heart rate putting you at the risk of cardiac attacks unknowingly. The lactate threshold – which means your body’s capability to work out for hours i.e. until your muscles are under complete strain, reduces. When the lactate threshold is low your benefits from the gym is low too. You will not be able to perform at high intensities.


Exercising also increases the amount of oxygen pumped to the brain. So when you reduce workout hours, the oxygen level being pumped to the brain also reduces. This, can result in reduction of new brain cell growth, which in turn, could lead to depression.With so many changes you will, of course, be unable to catch some good sleep. It is obvious that when the body is not strained both physically and metabolically there is no reason to sleep and hence you will start suffering insomnia. Sleep deprivation is one of the causes for many diseases.


Even if you stop going to the gym or do not have time for some quality work out, keep yourself moving, this can help you avoid gaining some unwanted weight. Maintain a proper diet and keep yourself regularly update on the cardiovascular fitness. It is very important to check for heart health when you stop working out. It is recommended for every human being after the age of 18 to opt for a fitness regime to keep the entire body healthy. Fitness should be a priority over all the other routine in a day to stay healthy

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